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Fortunes Creator Saves You Money

Fortunes Creator Custom Web Design Saves You Money

Welcome to Fortunes Creator, where we build your success like nobody can! We are experienced professionals who specialize in:

We are the only company in the world right now that offers all of this, in one package, for one price. We like to call this unique offer – The Synergistic Online Business Presence Package. It’s composed of these four complex services and a whole lot more!

The best part about us, is not only what we have to offer, but the prices we have our services for. We are unmatched. If you do your research, you will prove it yourself. In fact, we’ve done some for you already. If you take a look at the following great businesses, compare prices! We won’t disappoint you: 

Good Custom Web Design  alone normally cost over $3,000! Logo Design and Graphic Design normally cost over $299! Don’t even get us started on Professional Digital Commercial Productions! Marketing Campaigns as well! They’re at least $500 anywhere else! So we’re talking about spending at least $5,000 to promote your business the same way we do. The difference is we do it for over 80% OFF the normal prices! We are the most affordable, convenient and efficient business builder online.

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Fortunes Creator Saves You Time

Fortunes Creator Social Media Marketing Saves You Time

In our contemporary “2.0” society, the old methods of advertising have been rendered obsolete. Even the top corporations in the world have accepted the fact that connecting with their customers online, mainly through email advertising and Social Media Marketing.

You need to DOMINATE Social Networks and Social Media Sites like FacebookTwitter, LinkedInYouTube, PinterestStumbleUpon and Tumblr

and hundreds of other popular networking and bookmarking sites that are gaining popularity every day.  Are you keeping up with them?  We are!   We know what they like…and it’s not the advertising methods of yesteryear.

The way to success in the Social Media Age is through personal connection.  Social Media Marketing is not like any sort of marketing that has come before it. You need to make your customers (and potential customers) feel like your business is their friend…something they have an understanding of and a relationship with.  You need to appeal to them on a human level, and become part of their lives.

Right now, you might be saying to yourself,


“Sounds great, but I don’t have the time to spend hours on Facebook or Twitter! I have a business to run!”


Many companies, large and small feel the same way.  That’s why they hire full-time, highly-paid social media managers to build and maintain their social media client relationships.  But what if you can’t afford to hire an expensive additional employee to build your internet presence?  Let Fortunes Creator get you started on your social media marketing campaign. 

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